Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Pre-98 Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Was looking for a nice heavy indica to help me sleep and keep my anxiety at bay. Pre-98 was recommended as a fine choice, to which I now agree. Kind of creeps up on you. My previous evening/sleep strain was cookies and cream, which I feel has an immediate effect and I’m asleep in minutes. Pre-98 doesn’t hit as quickly, but I’ve found it still relaxing and puts me in an equally deep sleep.
Very good

Super chill high. At first it was a head rush but after 20+ minuets it moved to the body. The strain makes me laugh a little extra. If I smoke a little too much it easily couch locks me and I fall asleep right away, but when I hit the perfect amount. One of the most comfortable/high functioning highs in my opinion
Very good

I miss this bud tremendously!!! Use to grow some back in the day. I use to call it ‘night night’ bud cuz you gonna be out after hitting that a few times.
Very good

This is definitely great for after work, or before bed. It helped me with stomach pains, nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, anxiety and depression! I got it as a cartridge with the 1:1 CBD, and it does help with many ailments.
Very good

Most of the time I can’t get the flavors out of the flower that they describe. ‘Tastes like blackberries. . . ‘ Um, no. Takes like weed. However, this flower has the most wonderful coffee aroma. I breast CA and this stuff is amazing. Settles my body and doesn’t leave me couchlocked. I take RSO so my tolerance is up there but this a great strain for my everyday use and takes me back to my Dead shows days.
Very good

I'm prescribed 250mg of trazidone for sleep. I'm 5'5, 120 lbs, and That's how bad my insomnia is. And I can fight off the trazidone. Having hard time fighting this high off. Says a lot.
Very good

where do I start - I'm an 80s baby so I've had some of this before but I recently toked a joint of this before bed and lost myself in nostalgia... slight headache was an afterthought, slowly started to unwind and ended up watching a movie for an hour without noticing. Great dense buds, classic Kush smell and some nice earthy aftertaste put me to bed real nice
Very good

Tried this strain last night after a 750 mile drive and I’ve never had a better night of sleep. While the flavor left me wanting something tangible to hold on to, the effects were wonderfully similar to Xanax leaving me relaxed with a mild sedation and relaxing as if I just had a massage. Unfortunately I didn’t get a coffee taste in my buds but it was definitely earthy. It’s definitely worth a try and I’ll be looking for it ...
Very good

Super stony strain. Whatever was bothering me does not anymore for sure. This strain will literally make you take a deep breath and forget about life for 5 minutes when so needed.
Very good

First time trying this strain, I had avoided it for a long time. I tend to be such a lightweight with indicas. I can't function at all when using them. But. as with most things, there's a time and a place. My more common goal is to find a strain that can help me function, feeling physically energetic (though not necessarily active) as well as mentally, stay focused and work consistently. I don't need to do a lot of physical ...