Power Plant

Power Plant Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I had a high immunity to weed at the time but when I had that shit it hit me hard .. for 3 days ... comatoasted .. from the bed to the kitchen to the PlayStation .. I spent my weekend off in a zone .. very memorable .. never had it in years .. can’t wait ta get my hands on a good oz of it !!!
Very good

This is good stuff much as described, strong high, with a sandalwood/bitter citrus scent to the buds. But beware, this is the stinkiest strain I've grown, the plants positively reek while they are growing.
Very good

I love this strain! It gets me going& feeling great!

I've had PowerPlant in my kit since the mid 90's, the Dutch have crossed this African sativa with a local Indica, to make a plant that does not required such an extended flowering time This I feel has cuts it infamous THC% considerably al\so the flowering time lol I've grown it most years and I too have crossed it with many Indica's but is never the same as that famous African Sativa that can grow to an easy 15ft on many t...

One of my favorite strands. This is the textbook definition of a sativa. To all the sativa enthusiasts, this is definitely a strand to try.
Very good

The first time I tried Power Plant it blew my mind. You'd think it came from some secret lab in Chernobyl. This strain is ultra potent and is not for a beginner by any means. Dank, sticky buds dusted with sugar. Super smooth, earthy taste with a pungent stank. You certainly don't want to have any plans or things to do after smoking/vaping this bud because it will have you glued to your couch, I know it killed my anxiety...

Good allday strain with a clear focus and when the effects slowly ends, it makes me very relax. Not a heavy strain, but not bad - provided it's from dutch passion. Sometimes i get a lil headache.
Very good

Took a few bong hits. VERY potent. This comes onto you like a fright train. Then it turns into a trainwreck just like the strain itself. Very potent stuff. If you like Sativas you will like this one. One of the most potent strains I have had. The smell is quite citrusy and is almost identical to Jack Herer. The high comes on fast and is extremely powerful. Rush of euphoria with total relaxation. The munchies are strong with ...

The strain is overall an average sativa with no intense effects or body feelings

Very motivational type of strain. Feels like I can do anything after smoking it. Gives me a really good feeling of happiness for hours. The smell and taste is hard to explain but it's earthy, kind of peppery, kind of cheesy.