Power Kush

Power Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great smoke. Skunky but slightly fruity Hits like a freight train. Yields outdoors are absolutely wonderful if you train your plants. 1lb plus, easily and 8 to 8 ft tall. Check out BigNate89 on grow diaries
Very good

Amazing alertness but completely calm.

Power Kush is a decent strain. Tastes like coffee and berries with a dirty aftertaste (that was enjoyed, much like patchouli). A little bit of burn in back of nose and upper throat area on the exhale at times. The buds were small to medium sized lighter green than the usual hue with pretty orange hairs woven throughout. Most of the buds were small breaking up into joint material which I personally have come to favor. Th...
Very good

relaxing, smooth, mine was 12.7% cbd 11.1% I love 1:1 strains. dad helps.with pain and relaxing. but it's a up. I also took a pain med before I smoked so it's kinds giving it a boost but so far I like it a lot. reminds me of white god but mellowed.

I love this strain. First thing I noticed was that it made me INCREDIBLY calm yet still alert. Not long after, I got EXTREMELY horny. Best strain to take if you wanna get your freak on, in my opinion (Lemon Haze also did the trick for me). The scent is a bit strong if you aren't used to it, but I'd MUCH rather prefer smelling cannabis than cigarettes. Plus, it has a rather dense, milky smoke, which I've always thought was pr...
Very good

Picked up some Power kush got a bowl loaded and seriously underestimated this strain got me crossed eyed for sure! Great for sleep and just relaxing. Instant fave

Very relaxing, and gives a nice head buzz thanks to the skunk no 1, definitely a nighttime smoke, fairly dense, frosty, with hues of different dark greens and a little bit of purple here and there. Not too strong, not too weak. A solid indica strain fersure.
Very good

very very relaxed high, good body high , breaks down easily with out grinder.
Very good

this strain was my first Indica and OMG! Feel very relaxed with fast thoughts and shining happiness!! Love it !
Very good

Second time we've grown this one out. Its a sweet citrus / lemon flavor you won't find anywhere else. The lower THC level doesn't hurt this great strain at all (Up to 18%)