Popcorn Kush

Popcorn Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very sleepy. Un poco tripeando
Very good

Popcorn Kush Notes -Smell: like very sweet corn, full of terpenes such as alpha-pinene, my favorite smelling weed so far. Vaped, it gives a strong earthy scent (petrichor) -Look: Large clumpy buds with some purple color to its ends. Deep green is present along with some small orange hairs -Feel: Active when playing Team Fortress 2 with others but lethargic once alone. Very much a heavy indica. Very much enjoyed...
Very good

Gives you a nice high and sleep is awesome.
Very good

I got my hands on Popcorn Kush in the form of a 50mg pineapple gummy bear over the weekend. I was NOT disappointed. Definitely more of an evening/nighttime strain. (I couldn’t lift myself off the couch.) It was absolutely perfect for a movie night with blankets, and snacks! Lots of snacks. LoL! I’ve already made sure to grab what few were left for this coming weekend. Perfect weekend treat.
Very good

Stress relieving. My favorite to relax and play video games. Have a good snack and fall asleep. Head and body high makes yo feel relaxed.
Very good

An intense snack n couch buzz.
Very good

I wasn't the biggest fan of the taste, to be truthful (I am more partial to fruity notes). But everything holds true to this description! It's a really great Indica to slow down to, chill, great sleep aid! I slept through the night like a rock and woke up feeling so refreshed :)
Very good

It has a nice smell like popcorn. It also somehow reassemble popcorn Amazing. Strain

This is the most I’ve ever laughed in my life
Very good

great for people with nightmares or just need help falling asleep