Platinum OG

Platinum OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smooth smoke, earthy and pungent. The body high from Platinum OG is powerful and so relieving if you have pain. It's an instant shower of relief once it hits you. Good strain for the late evening. I reccomend it.
Very good

Best ive smoked hands down to all ive reviwed,,,check out my original review,, ive reviewed several top strains,,,
Very good

Very Good, Great long high, Great Taste.
Very good

Definitely accurate with the description, great for relaxing and to just forget about all the negative for awhile ✌🏻

Not as good as some I’ve had

Mellow high. Relaxing and chill. Not a very intense head-high. This strain is what I expect from Indica. 7 out of ten. I’d grab it again.
Very good

Good overall body high. Similar to a muscle relaxer feeling that takes away in pains or aches anywhere in your body. Calms you down and makes you feel very chill but doesn’t knock you out unless you are trying to sleep. Very very relaxing. Great strain for bed or movies.
Very good

Picked up a half oz late last night, smoked a j on the way home, came around a turn, seen flashing lights of both blue and red so I pulled over. Had my license, insurance and registration ready and then realized a whole 2 minutes later it was just a flashing sign on a local church. So 10 stars with this strain from me lol
Very good

Always love my platinum OG ,been a advocate for my whole life and this is always my favorite indica strain ever I could almost say big time top shelf Nugget always

Using a Fire Tanks Platinum OG half gram cartridge- say that 3 times fast. dank on the lungs with a heady almost immediate high. Distinct aftertaste I don’t want to say fruity. Suffering from nerve damage & back problems I’m 5 hits in & I’m laying down while a lot more comfortable. - Give this 5 dubs out 5 dubs - -MisterC