Platinum Kush

Platinum Kush Cannabis Strain

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This one isn't bad just get tired pretty quick with this one.
Very good

I just got this strain last night. First time ever having this strain of Kush. I've had a couple, and now I know why it's brethren are so highly rated. This was a last minute buy. What I mean is, when we were scouting for some, a lot of places were out and finally someone found this for us. We were getting some for my back, I recently pinched a couple of nerves in my upper back. The pain has been slightly inconvenient, as my...

There's a strain for everybody, and this ain't mine. I'm more of a sativa or hybrid kind of guy. The best things about this strain is that it's almost a total sedative and that you still can focus and not feel too high. The worst things about this strain is that it's almost a total sedative and doesn't get me to the level of high that I like. This is the only strain that actually made me feel somewhat depressed. I would NOT ...
Very good

I love the sweet background taste plus it help a lot of people that is stress
Very good

This stuff was great. Definitely indica but it didn't make me want to fall asleep on the spot. And wow does this stuff make you hungry. I struggle eating in the morning but a hit or two of this and my stomach starts growling. The buds looked great too with the "platinum" purply leaves and coated in trichomes
Very good

So platinum kush, I really like this strain, when I smoke it out of organic hemp papers. I decided to go for a drive with a joint. I lit it in the driveway and pulled out, I end up getting paranoid and literally two streets down, turned right and went back to the driveway. I literally drove in circle for nothing, finished the joint and went back in the house. Once in the house I felt a nice buzzing feeling in my body and my ...
Very good

Tastes like heaven don’t knock your head off like others not mentioned and lids you up and keeps you even keel

Good strain for night time.. hate the fact that the paranoia is so high. Not sure who wants to be paranoid night 😂😂. Nice flavor. Everything it says on the medical effects and negatives is spot on.
Very good

i’m high af
Very good

Smoked this strain on a camping trip out of an apple because i didn't have my bong. With that being said the flavor was interesting and the high went straight to the head!