Pitbull Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is my FAVORITE strain. It’s like a warm hug from an actual adorable pit bull. Very relaxed high!

hard core energy buzz with a tad bit of the jitters, mellows out after a bit into a creative whirlwind

Uplifting, giggly, talkative, but wore off quickly. Very tingly in my face and overall a good indica. It is a creeper though - smoked a full joint and didnt feel anything substantial for about 10 minutes
Very good

With an earthy woody flavor this indica later me out. Definitely not good for anyone with plans to do anything. This is chillin, relaxing weed all the way. Don’t let the name fool you.

Wow this strain is relaxing AF, such a heady high...I feel like my legs weigh 20 lbs each right now. Tingly feelings, you know, the warm fuzzy kind? Nice indica for bedtime fo sho.
Very good

Ok, people are saying ‘pshh yeah smoked half a g by myself and was pretty high, but not too high’ are either on crack or haven’t actually smoked this. If you take a toke and aren’t 6/10 baked, you’re fucked. Highly recommend. Loudest I’ve ever had. Seriously. Smoke this
Very good

great head and body high!! made me talkative

Very euphoric but in a way where you still feel grounded, no anxiety or paranoia at all. The amazing high + sweet fruity smell/taste + high kief intake after grinding = current favorite strain. Pick it up if you ever see it for sure.
Very good

Tried this as CO2 oil via Avitas. Does the business! Definitely not one for the daytime, unless you have NOTHING to do.
Very good

This Indica dominant strain gives of very euphoric high. I'm smoking the one by Bogart. The taste is very earthy, with a hint of skunk. And it's definitely more indica, because it makes you knock out, so be prepared.