Pinkman Goo

Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Excellent strain. I was looking for some good bud, and some one gave me this. And it was exactly what I needed. The high was so good, lots of flavor.
Very good

Really caught off guard by this one as I went into the dispensary looking for my usual platinum gsc the tender brought this one up a couple times and it’s really a more racey but plenty euphoric and relaxation ahead of it it’s 12:30 am and I feel a good vibe maybe not the best if you have anxiety. A nice fruity taste smells like fruity pebbles.

Yoooo at first I thought this shit was gonna make me sleep and it got me and all my friends talking so much and we were laughing so hard bro Lmaoo, this is some good weed tbh and the weed was so sticky