Pink Panties

Pink Panties Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A very nice Indica. With a little bit, I find it to be a nice, but lazy, head buzz. The couch is quite comfortable, but I'm not locked to it and am readily sociable and find that I can focus. All that changes once you have more. Then the couch-lock does set in. And the focus starts to migrate towards more mindless fascination. But throughout, it's a very mellow high and the pain does tend to melt away. I like it in the eveni...

Pink panties is a really flowery smoke with a decent, relaxing high, perfect for winding down. It does give me a slight headache though, which I assume is blood pressure fluctuations. Overall, I would recommend it!
Very good

Thanks to private reserve in WA I got to try some pink panties. Looks frosty great. Shades of light green, blues, purples, and the shades of pink. Name sakes there by the look. Aroma is unique and makes a pothead do a double smell. It’s like potpourri. Spicy flowers and hints dried dark fruit. Even a rubbery plastic in the mix too. Tastes like dried fruit and flowers. Effects are great for night time I felt like a happy exha...

It feels like I could read the dictionary on this or jerk off and sleep. It has a very floral and fruity smell and it smokes like velvet. Numbs me up good and keeps me mentally relaxed by mildly stimulated. I recommend for Indica lovers.
Very good

The best indica I ever smoke
Very good

Tasty and aromatic. Slow and creeping. Wowie! One of my top favs!
Very good

Great strain to just watch some movies and series.
Very good

Chill couch lock strain, good for listening to music and playing games.
Very good

had me and the friends on the couch for hours watching parks and rec
Very good

Very good! Mental relaxation