Pink Kush

Pink Kush Cannabis Strain

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Does it have THC or CBD?
Very good

16.44% is what I got, not the 27% shown online. Pretty good light buzz, not too strong which I like. Found their company here:
Very good

Had before and enjoyed the pink kush

Gives you a great happy high. Aswell as tastes fantastic
Very good

Loved this one for evenings Let me relax and do things (especially boring computer things) Potent so I liked how I didn’t have to spend as long getting high
Very good

This was apart of a goodie bag of strains, as the indica in it made it a very nice joint before bed.

Second Review: This has got to be one of the best medicinal strains out there. I have never smoked a better strain for helping with general anxiety and helping me to relax. I have absolutely no pain and in good shape, but I can believe the others as saying this is amazing for pain relief. It is a comfortable body high, but not a couch-locked indica type of body high. It is strong however, so if you smoke a bit too much you m...
Very good

Tastes like pink lemonade. Not sure whether it keeps me awake or makes me sleepy. Middle of the road stoned for me. Tasty buds.
Very good

Very good

Relaxed with just enough Sativa kick to listing to some music and euphoria out, or focus in and whip up a quick meal. Low doses turn an evening into a lovely dream, and high does turn any night into a totall stoned out of your mind giggle n' munchie fest. The flavor is strong and odd, but you quickly grow used to it. A full bowl will grant you a little more than 30-40 minutes of uprising to a mellowed out, trippy, rip in the...