Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne Cannabis Strain

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Empire Oils: pretty mild and mellow indica, great to relax and for unwinding before bed without the heady effects. Kaileigh style of weed for sure.
Very good

WOW. This strain is absolutely amazing. The description is spot on and those effects are fantastic
Very good

I am a budtender in Salem, OR and the first time I encountered this lovely strain was through Botanical Laboratories as concentrate shatter. my oh my, I was not prepared for the immediate pain relief that slowly melted away my inflammation and stress from the day. This is my favorite go to strain for pain

I suffer from chronic pain due to scoliosis & ”corrective” spinal surgeries. I have a strong tolerance and need a little more than the average person. Fifteen minutes ago my back was burning and in spasm. I just finished 1 gram of PC flower via the Volcano 🙃. My pain has diminished by 80% right away. I can feel the my muscles loosen and I am happy. I usually vape another gram but for now, everything is Irie. If you suffer f...
Very good

Perfect for PMS pain and discomfort. I was able to chill out, forget about the cramps and relax. Love it!
Very good

this strain really made me happy and boosted my overall mood, although you get an intense body high, may not be for everybody.
Very good

This is by far the best indica I have smoked so far. It is a heavy couch locking experience and really took care of my anxiety. Fantastic strain. ✌️
Very good

Extremely rare and hard to find but worth it, hands down one of the best strains I have ever smoked, smoked it through my PAX vaporizer. Lush resinous budd with a Berry note, definitely one of the most legendary strains I've ever tried. I highly recommend this one for people with bad migranes. GDP does it again!

Smell fabulous, fruit smell, great taste, real smooth high, looks bricked up
Very good

Cherry Pie is one of the best hybrids ever and GDP has always been one of my favorite indicas so I knew this was a no brainer. It has a skunky piney sweet smell. Tastes great in a pipe. I was surprised to find out that the THC percentage was only 10-15%, but feels like more,awesome for nighttime. It is light green with with orange hairs also has some purple all throughout.