Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba Cannabis Strain

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Heavy Indica. heavy. Sleepytime... raid the fridge type stuff. tough day ? this will make you forget in no time flat.
Very good

Amazing for a burst of creativity, motivation and brain energy to do and try new stuff. Decrementally slows down your body and mind after ~2 hours in my case. Very hard to concentrate, music affects a lot on the HigH. Doesn't make me very hungry, but looking for something to do, hard to close my eyes because of boredom. Feels tired like I had a long day, kinda like mind fatigue and a little body fatigue than sleepiness.

One of the best strains I have tried in awhile! Very tight nugs covered in trichomes, paired with a dank kushy/fruity smell. Leave a heavy indica high and would highly recommend at the price point!
Very good

This strain was awesome. At first I was happy and giggly and then the indica couch lock set in. I'm still a novice smoker but I had 5 puffs and was high for a long time. I'm sensitive to paranoia when it comes to weed and this one did not at all induce paranoia. Great strain would recommend it!
Very good

This strain is just although I doubt it's a pure indica.Bit of a spacey buzz, really dull my senses. It feels a bit heavy on the head, possible headache
Very good

Epic smoke. Earthy, piney, dank, dense, sticky. Overall this strain is up there with the best. Flavors are delicious. Genetics are solid. Piney sweet dankness that seems to amplify in flavor the more u smoke. Great strain to put the day to bed. or simply to tolerate it. But like any strain though it comes down to the grow/flush/CURE.. When done properly this is top shelf. Hypothetical.. Your stuck on an island ...

didn't love this strain. the high was OK, but left me with a headache so bad I couldn't sleep all night. doubt I will be trying this one again any time soon
Very good

I’m in love with the scent of this one. Definitely one of my favourites scent wise. It’s definitely a before bed weed. Deep relaxation and sleepiness with this one.
Very good

AAA strain for sure , picked up an 1/8th from getwhitepalm.com an as usual they impress. Greasy pink bubba is a great smoke in all aspects flavour , looks and definitely potency and add the moderately high CBD% and you get the perfect buzz both calming and creative but do recommend for a nice nighttime smoke cause you won't want to do too much if you smoke in excess
Very good

Wicked nighttime strain like everyone says, awesome body high very relaxing, great for pain, can feel it make you sleepy/relaxed moments after consuming.