Pink Berry

Pink Berry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

this strain is very good for winding down for the night , its just relaxes your mind and body. I typically only smoke this when I know I'm in for the rest of the night. I this would be good for an Anxiety/Panic attack

Dislike the flavor. Hasn’t affected me much.
Very good

The first thing you notice about Pink Berry is its incredible, sweet taste. After only a few hits this strong indica has your body buzzing and your mind racing. Very good for relaxing at home for a few hours before passing out. Great strain, great high.

Have this strain in a wax form. Excellent at night when wanting to relax, and drift off. Puts me to sleep when I want to sleep.

It's Very Relaxing! Good for bedtime.
Very good

Beautiful Nuggz!picked up an eight yesterday. This strain was very easy hitting for me out of a bong. The smoke wasn't harsh at all and was pleasantly creamy and sweet. Was a slow hitting strain but eventually set in. Had me uplifted anxiety melted away and euphoria all while feeling your body slowly turn off and unwind as it turns itself of as you are enjoying the Positive and joyful side off and prepare u for slumber. th...
Very good

Just tried this out & is def is a great indica strain. I suffer from severe anxiety , insomnia, as well as stiff muscles & joints. It did relax my body, gave me mild euphoric feeling, all while keeping a clear head. 4stars for all the above mentioned effects but not as potent or sleep inducing for me (long time pothead here) however results may vary lol