Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I think it's really good, to be honest.
Very good

Mental. Hit some dabs and drew a house for my architecture class. Very creative and fruity mood.
Very good

Smoked this in the morning and it was a very nice, productive and energetic high. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 2 hours. Also, it didn't taste or smell pineapple but perhaps that was because I smoked a pre-roll.
Very good

This is some very serious business when you partake of the PEX. No giggles, paranoia or spaciness, just a way to lock-in mentally. Great for those who want to compete on XBox for a number of hours before getting a good night's sleep.
Very good

By far, one of the best strains I have tried. It gives you a wide array of good effects which make it perfect for any setting. Truly can't think of any negatives.

Zero pain relief Zero stress relief
Very good

I ,as well as all my friends, love Pineapple Express ! A great feel good strain that makes you laugh . Most def stative leaning without the sharp edge . Very well balanced and the terps are off the chain !
Very good

Perfect for white collar hustle....
Very good

Even in an illegal state, this hits home fr.
Very good

Finally got some Co2 extract Pineapple Express. Great daytime choice. Music is better, everything is good. Love it.