Phishhead Kush

Phishhead Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This crossed with Kosher Kush becomes “The Great Divide” by GTI Rythm. berry tasting sweet as well. Strong Terps here. 2 puffs and I feel the weight of the world fly away. I feel my mind relax into a state of happiness and bliss. I feel my shoulders and neck muscles 💪 tingle and relax going down my back slowly as well. I love the Kosher Kush body sedating effects plus the Phishhead Kush more cerebral effects it’s really awe...
Very good

it's awesome but have to be very careful with how u handle it
Very good

Definitely effective for anxiety. Great calming Body high as well but not couch locking. Scent is sweet Berry with a hint of cheese. Perfect for a chilled afternoon.
Very good

more awake but same indica body feel. really makes me hit that middle i need if im having alot of anxiety or just a little. definately good to have for that edge that sometimes creeps up in us after its been a long day. this will allow you to relax but not sleep away although you can use it for sleep if u needed. its fufilling.
Very good

it's the best I have encountered so far.