Phantom OG

Phantom OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

4.5 stars out of 5 for this strong effects Indica dominate Hybrid strain. I got happy & uplifted followed by relaxexed & sleepy, getting the Sativa effects then the Indica ones. Pine, skunk, lemon, & earthy were the tastes & smells. Medium green & golden yellow buds with burnt orange pistils & crystal trichomes. California strikes gold again with it's Phantom OG!
Very good

I smoke for insomnia, and I’ve had dozens of strains and Phantom is by far my favorite one that I’ve ever tried. I feel a real nice, happy high for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then my eyes just start to close by themselves and once I lay down I’m asleep within what feels like seconds. 10/10 recommend if you have trouble falling asleep. Works like a charm.

Taste and smells very good. Definitely good if you are trying to relax.
Very good

Earthy and slightly spicy but mellow tasting indica. Does as described by Leafly; ie nice body high and relaxing. Good for those of us with anxiety. I don't think it makes me as sedated as described but be careful if your not used to indicas before driving, etc. Otherwise, a nice, mellow-inducing and tasty indica that pairs well with chill vibes (musicalsuggestion: Popul Vuh or post rock).
Very good

awesome strain for insomnia, or even if you are just having a hard time falling asleep. good night time smoke.
Very good

Definitely a good smoke....IF you don’t have 💩to do! Started getting a euphoric upper feel then BOOM... slow motion until the sandman brought me a dream!
Very good

Smells great, looked great, tasted great. Hit smooth, quick effect. Happy and giggly, great for eating and being hungry, relaxing enjoyable high
Very good

After a very long day, I decided to wind down with some Phantom OG I purchased from Golden Leaf Wellness near Avondale, AZ. It was recommended by the bud tender, Alan, and on sale for $9/g. I loaded a bowl into my bong after a late dinner. Within a few minutes I was a little giggly and happy. I just remember wanting to play and chat with my wife. Within another few minutes, all talking stopped. My eyelids became super heav...
Very good

Took a few bong rips and it takes a while to hit you... so tuck yourself in and put on some soft music because in no time, you will finally fall asleep and feel a full on head & body high. I love this... because I am a stressing student who stays up late completing assignments & binging on my favorite shows instead of sleeping. It's relaxing and gives you a warm tingling feeling, like after eating Thanksgiving dinner ^_^
Very good

First time with it and man lemme say it’s quite swell. I feel it a lot in my cerebral aspect, as well though my body. It has spunk that follows the spooky nature and at what better time in oct.👻