Pez Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Another of my favorites! Smells amazing when broken up, has fairly dense and hairy nugs that aren’t too sticky and grind up well. Has an aroma of blueberries, sweet fruit candy, and fresh earthiness. Great body high and strong but clean mental high as well.
Very good

Potent enough with delicious flavor and a clean burn & easy draw when properly flushed, dried & cured. Second only to Blue Dream, in my opinion.
Very good

Amazing taste with pulls of lemon icing, sweet grass, and a pine smell. Found that this strain gave me some mental clarity (though I kept losing my train of thought) with a mild body high and some clumsiness. Fell asleep after an hour or so. A great Pacific Northwest strain! Strain 2 of 100.

very good for pain. awesome price.

Currently, my favorite nighttime strain. It is giggly and happy and relaxes me enough to get me ready for bed.
Very good

Really nice indica... relaxing, peaceful, very little psychoactivity... makes the ladyfriend and i sleepy, but then, I've only ever smoked it before bed. Reminds me of pre-98 Bubba.
Very good

Exactly what I want from an indica. Makes you relaxed and sleepy. Taste is slight citrus heavy diesel. But definitely smooth. I sleep great and do not feel bad at all the next day. Definitely not for daytime use unless mixed with a sativa. I did a mix of this and Hong Kong Diesel... totally different experience but an incredible high. Probably one of the best in my opinion. I'll keep tokin this...

Will strain again. -Blunt Blunt
Very good

Yes, very good strain. The wife loves it cause we weren't couch locked, but holding conversations was funny. Great Flower... Go get some
Very good

This shit is GREAT! After 2 bowls, I didnt realize that an incredible euphoria had crept up on me. Taste is excellent. Nice fruity/candy aftertaste. I need medication that tastes well for nausea. Helping relax for sleep. 8/10