Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I’m in love!! At 25+ percent T I knew it’d be a great night time strain but had to try it during the day when I got it. I swear after trying over 30 strains throughout the past year tweaking my pain relief I’ve never found anything quite like peyote cookies. I felt like I was back in the 80’s giggling like a fool LOL!! I hope this strain doesn’t dissipate now we’re legal in Canada! It is by far the best pain relief wi...
Very good

District Cookies (aka Peyote Cookies). THC = 20.2%. Rough cut in a King Palm mini. Smooth smoke. Fruity-ish central palette. Central head pressure into some mild paranoia. Was that a raccoon sneaking up behind me? Depth perception faded and eye stutter like Amnesia Haze and then out of nowhere I was very aware of every face muscle which promptly froze. I was locked in. That was abrupt. Tried talking to the Mrs but my sens...
Very good

I’m not really a indica lover. But I’m gonna n love with Peyote Cookies

I picked up this strain at one of my local dispensaries, looking to try a strong, psychedelic high and was told this was a great one to go with. Sadly, this is not what it delivered. Though it wasn't what I was looking for, it is a gentle, relaxing head high that doesn't bog you down or make you feel lazy and it's a smooth draw too. Whether it's in a joint, pipe, bubbler, or bong, you really can't go wrong with Peyote Cookie...
Very good

Terpenes are amazing when cold cured
Very good

Heavy iron blanket indica. Looks frosty with neon green and purple. Smells like strawberry jam and hash. Thanks dama.
Very good

relajante pero a la vez voladora. una variedad con un excelente sabor y olor. Puede que a un peincipio no notes su efecto, pero al pasar los minutos notarás el cambio mental y corporal.

Seriously potent strain. After a few hits off the bubbler, I am feeling the stoney body high that sent my mind to the stratosphere in a rush.
Very good

All-time favorite sleepytime strain. Great, rich flavor that explodes in your chest and head instantly on contact, leaving tiny lightburts lingering all over everything. I can hang all day/night with this smoke, but also have had some of the best sleep of my life with this strain! Love it for a nice headtrip through la-la-land on my way to slumberland. Only wish it were easier to get ahold of.
Very good

Really great at the end of the day to feel bliss.