Pennywise Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I personally loved this CBD strain. It had a nice taste and the effects were amazing. I need CBD for my back issues and sometimes finding them is hard but when the dispensary has this one it seems to stick around for awhile so I can pick some up when I stop in.

A balanced feel that is quite good for pain, being relaxing without over tiring, and a mild euphoria. I like this better than most CBD heavy strains, and I feel like the pain reduction is more noticeable.

Easy to smoke, great for body and not hard the on the brain buzz. Definitely helped relax.
Very good

Smoked this last night and wow what a strain. The actual taste was really mild but the smoke actually made me cough, which is pretty rare. The high was fun and mild, I had a great time just watching YouTube, but after 45 minutes it KNOCKED ME OUT. I have never slept that deeply. I woke up and felt like I had the best night sleep in ages, even though I slept several hours less than usual. An amazing sleep aid with a fun gentl...
Very good

I love this strain. Light, breezy, just perfect. I got a light buzz that was perfect for a "wake and bake," and felt great going into my day. I don't think budtenders do their customers justice by always pushing the high THC flower. High CBD may be the answer for some people.
Very good

As a Crohn's Disease patient, I've experienced more than my share of pain and discomfort in my 20 year diagnosis. I'm a newly prescribed cannabis user and this particular strain changes my life on a daily basis. I was told 1:1 ratio is essential for Crohn's relief and this is dead on truth. With Pennywise I experience less pain, less digestive symptoms, more clarity than other strains. This is the only one that makes me fe...
Very good

NO DIZZY EFFECT. PAIN GONE! little goes along way, earthy sweet smell, very potent more CBD than THC and good tasting. and long lasting. A+ from me .
Very good

I have epilepsy that pills can’t help. I’m always very sore from the constant seizures and my depression has worsened, but this strain works wonders! I have smoked it medicinally (and recreationally, duh!) after my seizures. It takes my pain away almost instantly and it puts me in an absolutely wonderful mood! I definitely recommend it!
Very good

Awesome strain for actually just hanging out around the house possibly a smoke sesh with friends because you are still able to function after 4 bowls or more. I have also found excellent pain relief, more so than any other strains I have tried yet. It has a lower THC percentage compared to a lot of top shelf flower but with a 1:1 ratio of CBD you may not be super baked but you’ll feel great which is really what I’m looking f...
Very good

This strain is a good mix of CBD and THC. It's very good for pain relief and gives a nice buzz to go with it. It works well by itself or mixed with another strain with high CBD or THC.