Paris OG

Paris OG Cannabis Strain

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Just got it today & smoked it with my was pretty good. & I usually smoke hybrid / sativa strains. If you are looking for a chill strain. Pick this one! :)
Very good

My boyfriend and I bought Paris OG in a cartridge from Mint Dispensary. I took about 2 hits and immediately It felt like my eyes were playing tag when I moved my head. Especially when I stood up. Definitely made me just want to stay where I was and not get up. Not an intense feeling though, only when you are up and moving around. Would highly recommend!
Very good

One hit and it's over...give it 5 minutes n if u got the 26.00percent u won't be able to move
Very good

Nice to meet you Paris OG! I run high, and by high I mean anxiety. Thankfully, because I have high levels of anxiety, being high works for me! 6am - Wake and Bake w/Paris OG and I am loving life again. Two pulls in, the tension I wake with melts. Third pull, euphoria sets in. I start my day.

i have very low tolerance made me too high after waiting 20 mins after a couple hits. i was lookong for sleep but im more anxious
Very good

This shit rocks ur socks off dude

Best Indica
Very good

Paris OG was a spectacle that I picked up in cartridge form from a local dispensary, made by Naked THC brand; mainly because I had a stiff neck from sleeping funny, and was having trouble getting to sleep in the first place. Right out of the “tube” that the cartridge came in, I noticed a rather fruity smell, nothing more, nothing less. Plugging in and taking two long 5-second drags, I was introduced to an almost pine-fruit-l...

This strain has probably the most intense high you will settle in to. I smoked two bowls from a pipe. The head change came after a few seconds of my exhale but it wasn’t too intense. After I finished my second bowl I still didn’t peak in my high yet. It wasn’t until maybe 10 minutes after consumption did I realize how locked to my Xbox and bed I was. Very smooth come up into a very intense high as even writing this review ge...
Very good

This is a great indica strain. I had it in a wax cartridge and this strain tastes very sweet and earthy. The taste alone has me loving this strain because it’s that great! When exhaled it leaves a smell that is just like how it tastes. Not very weed like, but I recommend lighting incense, because it does smell off for a little. During the second exhale I already started feeling the effects. I just felt a shift. I got up to g...