Papaya Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I’m a graphic design student and I love this strain for getting my work done. Gets me high AF but keeps me focused and creative!
Very good

Nice mellow strain, perfect for a lazy day. Makes me want to look at art, or be in nature. Great for pain and stress.

I love the sweet/fruity strains for the most part and this one is now on my list of liked. Hits you in the head giving a euphoric cerebral rush but then it moves through the rest of the body providing stress and pain relief in very little time at all. If used moderately you could get away with medicating during the day but its better suited for night time use to the casual user because of the Indica properties. Tight, chunky...
Very good

1. Amazing taste 2. Very relaxed body high 3. Felt no pain in my back 4. Slept great 5. One of my favorite Indica’s
Very good

just dabbed w/ papaya shatter; taste like the fruit with spice on the exhale; goes great w/ lemon/mango OG flowers for a nice, citrus flavor profiles that compliment each other....
Very good

Have smoked since the days of having two strains to choose from.... brown and green lol. This was a very pleasant fruity surprise that lives up to its name. An uplifting high that was the first surprise from this Indica, that actually had me giggling like a high school kid smoking their first joint. Cheers
Very good

One of my all time favorite strains even though only smoked a few times due to lack of availability in the Phoenix metro area. Great high loved swimming on it. felt like a pool of jello. lol

Mierda, creí que había entrado a la fase donde ninguna indica te pone lo suficientemente idiota como para querer comprar una pizzeria, pero la papaya me hizo recuperar la esperanza. Muy buena 👌
Very good

I really enjoy this strain I get a great relaxed up lift from it. My husband has neuropathy in his left leg and ptsd and thus strain helps with his pain and his mood. We have been giggling and having a great time and the taste is amazing

This strain is similar to my favorite all-time strain, Agent Orange. Quick hitting, uplifting, and within 5 minutes I'm ravaging my poor wife. Fantastic sex strain. Easy come down for a nice sleep.