Original Glue

Original Glue Cannabis Strain

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Very good

You can’t go wrong with this one. You will get all the effects you could ever want from weed. Calmness, happiness, social boost, slight hunger, makes music better, decent focus. Makes life feel like you are in the clouds and everything is comfy!
Very good

waxy stone...a bit spaced out, visuals...rides the hybrid line
Very good

I had 2 lightweight friends smoke this strain and they "didn't feel so good" then passed out. Not recomended for new smokers use with caution. As a regular smoker the bud has a great taste and heavy sedating effects highly recomended if your looking for couchlock
Very good

I love my glue! When I first picked this up, I mentioned I was on my way to the gym. I was told that GG4 would be my best friend at the gym, and to give it a try. I got there, finished my first class, took a vape hit, and powered through two more classes with more energy than I had in the first! Love this!
Very good

This Hybrid weed is some of the best stuff I've smoked recently. It feels as though you're very relaxed, but yet quite high. You'll love this stuff.It helped me w/ my insomnia & anxiety.
Very good

Couch lock for sure!! You can't go wrong with GG4. It's a kick back enjoy your buzz type joy you feel. Highly recommend!
Very good

From the dozens of strains I have tried, this one takes the #1 spot for me. It has a strong yet balanced high. One of the few strains that do not have any negative effects. I used this strain nightly for about a week as it helped me sleep. That being said, its not a ‘drowsy strain’. Enjoy!
Very good

Taste was OK. The Medicine was better. Nice euphoric effect puts me in the couch hard to get important stuff done but cool for just hanging out. Rolled in a grape swisher not bad smoked smooth and I could taste the chocolate but the other flavors were nasty. Got me pretty high super sticky smaller buds.
Very good

I JUST started smoking this year (My dad was a cop, sue me😑) and so far I have tried 20+ strains and by far Gorilla Glue is the BEST i have ever tried. Nice, light green, medium-sized nugs. I smoke joints and even though it’s my all time favorite strain, it’s also the most worst tasting. This shit will have you coughing and wheezing while you think you’re in a forest fire. It tastes BAD. But the effects are worth it. This s...

Not real keen on this one. Says hi thc but I didnt feel it