Oregon Diesel

Oregon Diesel Cannabis Strain

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It was pretty good. Oregon berry dye is Similar but this one makes you feel a little bit more euphoric witch I don’t look for in a strain but a lot of people do.
Very good

Why doesn’t it say taste like sour Blackberries & smells like sweet Blackberries
Very good

i smoked a bowl and it felt like I was on psychedelics. it was trippy. 10/10
Very good

If you're looking for a heavier indica and can find Oregon Diesel from Oregrown then do not hesitate to pick it up. Smell: 9/10 mostly berry with earthy/sweet tones, Taste: 9/10 again mostly sweet/berry tasting but the diesel is lightly there, Appearance: 9/10 mostly dark forest green with shades of deep purple and then bright violet veins underneath, nugs are dense but fluffy with dark amber hairs. Effects were slightly hea...
Very good

This is truly my favorite strain. It makes my body feel so relaxed and nice while still leaving me with a clear, calm mind. I smoke this every night after work to unwind and maybe do a craft or some chores in the house. 10/10

Oregon Diesel is a quiet gem. Beautiful buds (w/ gorgeous purple hues) and a sweet scent as calming as the high - I found her to be a bit of a creeper. With a soothing and refreshing high, it's great for anxiety and eventually lends itself to a great night's sleep. The more I use this strain, the more I appreciate it. Definitely a favorite for treating insomnia.
Very good

Tastes and smells incredible. Definitely good if you are feeling nauseous for its effects as well as easy taste on the tongue. For recreational use it is very relaxing. Great for night use. Enjoyed this strain. I recommend it for more situational uses versus an all around good strain for all.
Very good

Great for tv, games, and reading.
Very good

Bright piney scent, sharp lemony flavor profile. Smoke was incredibly gentle, no coughing urge. Tingling started within 2 minutes, couch lock began around 4. Mild muscle spasms occurred. Dizziness at 7 minutes, not extreme. Mild munchies. Definitely good pain relief.
Very good

Got me slumped