Ogre Berry

Ogre Berry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smells and tastes delicious. Wonderful effects as well. Relaxing and smile inducing. I'd buy it again for evening use.
Very good

Felt really relaxed and happy after smoking a bowl of this. Did not expect it at all but it was one of the best highs I’ve had, and it tasted really good
Very good

There's an ogre in my head and a bowl of berries in my mouth. I feel too heavy to want to move and that's perfect because I'm already in bed. Strains like this are why I thank god for marijuana. Not really, but you know what I mean.

Calmed me down instantly, slowed things down for me. Things seem better. Dry eyes, and kind of jumpy, but nice.
Very good

This is a good potent strain. Perfect for relaxation and joint pain relief. Not my favorite strain, but it does work very well

I'm pretty inexperienced but this is my favorite strain right now. simply put it feels like just some good old fashion weed. I haven't smoked in 10 years and a lot of strains now are just way heavy. This left me feeling relaxed and focused. I find this to be one of the top medicinal strains out there for me right now
Very good

One of my new favorites. With this strain's percentage at around 24ish one bowl is all you need if you don't want to be sleepy afterwards. If you do need that extra help sleeping then I recommend a second bowl for the indica effects to really hit you hard. Dank Souls for life.

Really dry and tastes terrible
Very good

the name