OG Skunk

OG Skunk Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is a very nice and pungent strain, very nice smoke, makes me feel uplifted and gives the munch as well
Very good

VER¥¥~°^G00D^°~Strain, MANN
Very good

This Hybrid was 60/40 Sativa dominate & gave me a clear headed high making me uplifted, happy, & mellow. Taste & smell was a skunky citrus. Buds had different shades of light medium green colors made lighter by all the white fuzzy hairs & trichomes caked on. Bright light orange pistils finished off the buds beautiful looks. ENJOY :)
Very good

Finding ANY Skunk in Vegas is almost like hitting a Royal Flush...flower would have been super, but with shatter, it don't matter........a little less skunky than flower would be, but you can sure tell the underlying chemistry in the terps present. This makes a great topping to this years harvest of Alien Tahoe....if you can find it, snap it up, as I drove from the Northwest part of the valley all the way to the Henderson d...
Very good

Overall a fantastic strain for those suffering from mental health illnesses. After a week of severe depression and anxiety, and many dissociative episodes, I was able to get up take a shower and start cleaning my house. If I could keep the strain on stock forever, it would be right there next to my green crack and blue dream. No couch lock, and no weird headache, I did hyperfocus on whatever task I said before me. So I gue...

not a huge fan of skunk smell. the taste was average
Very good

While bearing a unique flavour, this strain defies the ugly part of its name as well as provides mood lifting effects. An easy 5.0 from me!
Very good

Location: Lovely Buds Farm: Sweet Water Farms Total Cannaboids: 24.2% Terpene Profile: Myrcene, Pinene & Humulene The nugs were covered with crystals. The smell and taste were outstanding. I grind and vape mine. After a couple of hits I could feel it instantly.

Perhaps its because i grav-bonged a skunk strain, but i hated the flavor, loved the smell though, and the high was pretty intense after a couple grams.
Very good

Oh....My.....Word....💜💜👍👍. First of all, I picked up THC-A sugar crystals by Venom Extracts. There's a very noticeable difference from THC & THC-A. Maybe you've seen some dispensaries selling it in the concentrates section, but it normally goes for $40-$60 per HALF gram! I scored 2 different half grams. One small dab, and I mean small like the head of a pin, has me so baked it's crazy. Only $24 for the gram! The high la...