OG LA Affie

OG LA Affie Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Gave this strain a try when i saw it was the parent to LA Confidential OG. Got nice Indica effects from it making me happy, relaxed, & then sleepy. Firm moist light green buds with 18% THC & dark orange hairs. Taste & smell of sweet citrus & earthy coffee. Enjoyable strain worth experiencing :)
Very good

This is a brilliant Indica! Surprisingly there's no couch lock effect that usually accommodates the heavy body buzz you get with this strain. Instead you're very uplifted almost energetic yet you keep the hefty body relax feel you get with great indicas. This blend helps to create a very nice focused effect that makes it easy to accomplish tasks if in the mood all the while that dense body buzz is relaxing the bodies aches a...
Very good

All I gotta say is 🔥🔥🔥 Awesome strain, I actually don't feel bad spending $10-$15 a gram on some LA Affie! Hits really nice. Good head high and pain relief within five minutes. Lasts a little longer than your average "top shelf" choices as well. I would highly recommend you try some and see how you like it!
Very good

Good strain - pain is gone. Numb and sitting outside myself. Feel light headed (and hungry). Fun to watch tv on - hyper focused but eyes are heavy. Neat. Like this strain a lot!
Very good

Another homerun by DNA genetics ... starting to come around again after a hiatus. Tastier and stronger than LA confidential, but both are prime examples of why Cali bud blows competition out of the water. This one will land you on your ass if you're not a pro!
Very good

Strong body high with an clear headed, euphoric calming cerebral effect. Effects make for a good sleep aid without the heavy sedated feeling you get with some indicas. Good during the day too, goes from relaxed and giggly to deep thought/conversation type stuff. Taste/scent is spicy and herbal very similar to Bubba or LA Confidential.
Very good

Long time smoker (vape, J, oils, etc...). Great indica, smooth on entry and exit, very comfy, warm, relaxed feeling. Great for body ailments. Very good strain, I recommend this strain for indica lovers. Really helps relax. Helps the wife with her RLS.
Very good

Got a half gram of this strain in the shatter form put that through a recycler of mine I loving call Taz and jesus this stuff has me sideways total couch lock hunger has set in and then time for bed! 88% La affie = one cross eyed dude. La affie get you some!
Very good

Best Landrace Strain on Earth !!!!! High in CBD ! The Cure ! God/jah bless this Strain !
Very good

The nugs on this plant look like they are permafrosted over, just absolutely beautiful, there is a lot to admire about the high from this, the smoke from these buds was so smooth and tasted like pure fruit