OG Eddy Lepp

OG Eddy Lepp Cannabis Strain

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What is OG Eddy Lepp

OG Eddy Lepp won 2nd place at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. Dark dense buds with a covering of orange hairs secrete a tropical and pine aroma. This is a high CBD strain although the exact level is unknown as with the genetics of OG Eddy Lepp. This strain is perfect for moderate sedation and will improve focus abilities while promoting giggles and social behaviour. You may find that your appetite is increased  with this strain while elevating your mood.

OG Eddy Lepp Effect And Attributes

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Euphoric (100%)
Tingly (100%)
Giggly (100%)
Creative (100%)
Happy (100%)
Tropical (100%)
Anxious (100%)
Paranoid (100%)

OG Eddy Lepp Flavors

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