Obama Kush

Obama Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This one i like for its bud structure. Cured optimally , forms dense nuggets that don't crumble into dust .

Delicious and relaxing. My mind and body felt at ease. A sentimental strain for me. I felt like I smoked with Obama. I felt the chill playful vibe of Barack Obama. It wasn't hard to focus, but everything felt so warm and lighthearted in that moment. Like a warm hug from the first black President. It's not something you forget.
Very good

I stopped smoking weed three years ago because of a really bad panic attack, but i recently decided to try it again and this is one of the ones i chose. I’m high on this strain while writing this. i’m completely coherent and able to do tasks/work etc. it starts with a little bit of a head high, followed by an extremely relaxing body high but doesn’t couch lock you. Never has given me any anxiety or anything, just a super chi...
Very good

Good taste
Very good

Extended high. Won't put you to sleep *well not me*. Just a great all around buzzzzzz! I highly recommend this strain!
Very good

Perfect after a long day at work
Very good

Obama Kush is a strain that is quickly becoming a go-to strain in my group. That immediate feeling of euphoria coupled with another lofty, sweet exhale is just something that anyone can agree on. Delicious earth and floral notes compliment both the smell and taste of the flower. Feels amazing each time!!
Very good

Love me some Obama
Very good

Absolutely a favorite
Very good

Extremely relaxing. Puts your ass right out.