Northern Wreck

Northern Wreck Cannabis Strain

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Stats: 23.44% THC 0.06% CBD. Amount consumed: 1/2 bowl Thoughts: This strain is truly amazing. It smells strongly or a floral, earthy scent. It tastes sweet like berries. The high is intense after a very little amount. Definitely one of my favorites now

Much more then expected Great high slowly creeping up on ya Great day time strain 5🌟 Get you a pre roll there the 💣
Very good

Whats there to say.. Its Northern Wreck!! Two of the best strains had a baby!! An its Amazing! The taste is piney/earthy! My thc says 28% but i feel its at least 31-33% it hit me hard like daaaamn im high! Not alot of strains do that! But over all its a strains hat i well always remember!! I highly recommend!

Good taste, great effects, almost zero negatives

Now tis is a new strain to try and what a great Sativa Goddess Blessed strain she is of Skunk F1 x White Widow both highly loved obvious to anyone who reads these oft detailed True Medical Cannabis Strain for a lifelong Chronic Pain Patient and /or for long term Cannabis use such as my 47 year love-affair with the most used healing aid on the Planet for the Entire History of Us All, 'The Naked Ape'. Strains on this order n...
Very good

I picked this one up at almost 30% & so far I am really impressed! I am super happy, everything's brighter, cheerier, crisper visually and at the same time Im relaxed & my eyelids are heavy. Love it 🌺
Very good

We packed a bowl of this extremely sticky bud in the car and hotboxed it.. about 10 minutes later I wasn't sure where I was or how to get home. Very heavy head high and tingly body high that follows. A short time after I walked inside I melted into the couch and woke up at 3:46 am to eat some cookies with milk. 11/10. It lives up to the 'Wreck' part of the name for sure.
Very good

Super heavy high, be warned, you will sit on that couch for a couple hours.
Very good

Great stuff highly recommend . Dense buds., Smooth smoking weed. Felt like I was floating.

Hits You like Tyson!! Hits hard and fast, with an almost instant euphoria. Sit back and enjoy a heavy but happy stone lasting up to two hours. Be careful if your a novice, or have a low tolerance. I smoke daily and found myself wondering around the house forgetting what I was doing. The sample I got tested at 29.7 % THC and .7% CBD, and well worth the $14.00 per gram asking price, (Including Oregon Taxes) from a loca...