Northern Lights

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This was the first time I smoked this strain in a concentrate form. Has a very earthy flavor and hits like a truck. The only indica I’ve ever smoked that allowed me to enjoy the evening and didn’t knock me out completely. Completely gets rid of any depression you may be feeling and helped a ton with my back pain. Would suggest this strain only if you have no plans or at the end of a long day. Definitely worth the try. Will a...

I love the taste, it's so smoothe. sort of reminds me of blue dream
Very good

Initially I bought Northern Lights to help me sleep. I actually can not sleep if I vape it too close to bedtime. I like the lazy, “whatever” attitude, no worries, no stress “high”. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but it does relax my body and my mind, without feeling like I can’t peel myself off my couch. I’ll continue to use NL. I’d recommend this for anyone with stress, chronic pain, anxiety or ptsd.
Very good

One of my favorite strains , a must smoke classic. I’ve grown 2 plants outdoor and they were still amazing.

Got my heart up to 200bpm. Really bad experience with that strain. My heart jumped a bit and fast, but the anxiety kicked in and made a bad mix.

Tired and true mellow, not a shit to give strain. I love how this strain comes on, as a sufferer of PTSD & anxiety, this strain just melts my stress away. All the static in my life dissolves in a nice comfortable relaxation, like laying in a warm bowl of boobs. Arizer Argo @ 360 2-3 puffs send me in to a blissful release "like watching a single falling snowflake" never a disappointment. I am soma-somatic so this does not int...

I liked Leafly's description of the physical aspect, aroma and effects of that strain. Good oldschool strain to smoke once in a while, but you would not see anyone having that strain as their favorite.
Very good

A top shelf quality strain. This heavy indica based bud makes you feel super happy until the after affects make you want to lay on a soft bed and just sink. I’m curious to try this strain at night where indicas work best. I still find this to be a very high quality strain for pain, insomnia, just a great time in general.

I use it for anxiety, stress, and sleep. Works very well for all, especially the kind of anxiety/stress that keeps one from sleeping. As others have noted, it feels like a warm, huggy blanket comforting body and brain. Problems and pains melt away. It can be used during the daytime--works well for social anxiety--but go very light on it if you try this, since it IS a sleepy-making strain and you may find yourself taking an u...

I don't doubt that people have been helped by NL, but I have had several bad experiences using it. I have a a serious condition called central sleep apnea with RBD and a mild case of the common obstructive sleep apnea. I use a data recorder every night to see my SpO2 history. On several occasions when NL was in my blood, I saw that I suffered some significant apnea events. Usually four in a row and early after I fall asleep....