Nordle Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Purchased as "Solei - Balance" in Canada. Mild, clear head high that gave me energy and focus while baking and doing dishes.
Very good

If you're like me, you get extra anxious with higher THC levels, then this is a good starting place. Nordle, purchased through Tweed as "Argyle," is a balanced 1:1 THC/CBD. This current strain is 4.03%/4.22% and leaves me feeling a slight head buzz. I am able to concentrate on work, converse with clients, and complete my day to day tasks without feeling super high. Also, this is a solid strain to smoke 5-10 mins before bedti...
Very good

The one I tried was THC 7.3 and CBD 11.9. A great CBD option (Medicinal) with a touch of Indica.
Very good

Sweet and Citrus.

not bad but it doesn't make you so focused like reviews say
Very good

What an awesome strain for chronic pain. Absolutely love it - I was worried about it's low THC content since, weirdly, I have a lot of luck with pain relief in high THC strains, but this stuff is fantastic. It doesn't get me as high as others, unsurprisingly, but the pain relief is A+. I suffer from both nerve and joint pain; it helps the joint pain more than the nerve pain but it's still effective.

If you're looking for a smooth Indica that's going to mellow you out, relax you, and end up putting you into a good night's sleep, this is for you. By far, my favorite CDB strain. I was reluctant to try it at first, as I was enjoying the Canna-Tsu strain, and went to pick up a bit more, only to find out they were out. Intrigued that this was an Indica, I decided to give it a go. Awesome. I vaporize this at night, a cou...

Probably one of the best tasting CBD strains! It also has a nice relaxing high that isn't to intense. Definitely up there with the CBD strains I have tried.

As a "beginner" again, not having regularly smoked in 19 years, this is the best!! I've been trying a lot of strains over the past 4 months and keeping a journal. I need relief from endometriosis, anxiety, depression, and migraines. I am a mom of 3 so my days are very busy so I need to be clear - headed and sharp. I did not feel high after smoking this, I just feel better! My mind is focused, my body doesn't hurt, and I a...

This strain has the same qualities as its name. No idea what it does well or bad. It should just be called boring. Save your money.