Night Train

Night Train Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great for sleep
Very good

Upon opening the bag, (and I could smell it in the car on the way home!) I encountered sweet, flowery, berry aromas with a fresh, grassy undertones. The buds are not the dense, compact nugs I've come to expect in Indicas, were it not for the sweet aromas, I'd have taken it for a lanky Sativa upon first glance so you may need more of it to grind into your bowl. I usually only take one or two hits off my pipe as, with most ...
Very good

Solid indica... very clear headed, which can sometimes make sleep more difficult for some people. I enjoy it, makes me feel very relaxed, stoned, but still coherent.

Night Train is a nice indica that left me with relaxing vibrations throughout my head and body upon each exhale. I had tried some from a crop a friend of mine grew, the buds had a darker tint of green to it with very vibrant and noticeable orange hairs. Pretty dense nuggets, and the smell upon the snap of the buds released a pent-up aroma of earthy muskiness and a hint of sour sweetness. The taste was not far from the smell,...
Very good

Suspended Brands - 2/05 Harvest This strain is fantastic, hits hard and fast. The buds themselves glisten like diamonds, and are light and fluffy; Congratulations to Suspended for growing some damn nice bud. Very strong effects that take over mind and body, but not turbulent. Slightly face-melty, definitely some effects of Trainwreck, a couch-lock hard Indica for sure. Definitely more Indica than Sativa, feels like Trainwre...

but yet it says it is indica. lol
Very good


This strain was crystal covered but it was in pop corn looking nugs , It was an average strain and it did the trick but I wont be seeking it out if that's what your thinking. The bud was properly cured and had been pulled at the mature time so it was grown to its full potential which leads me to think that this is all this plant has to offer, I would guess this plan yields 16 to 19 percent in thc, and is a hybrid sativa domi...