Night Nurse

Night Nurse Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I recently bought a gram of Night Nurse Oil. It helps reduce body pain but it’s taste is very earthy and sage like.
Very good

Homegrown from seeds by BCBudDepot. Got a beautiful pink/purple keeper pheno! Has a licoroce/lavender smell when you stemrub in veg but turns into a VERY unique lavender, chemical, earthy funk when fully matured. You can see pics on insta: “swampwaterorganics” This is great nighttime medicine and helps with my insomnia like you wouldn’t believe! I make a coconut oil tea with this strain and a CBD strain. I can sleep for 6 ho...

Helped put me to sleep be I don’t feel like it helped with my stress..... buuut I slept amazing that night
Very good

great high, only had the liberty of sampling some shatter by hood oil. clean heavy indica feeling. very body heavy, would for sure go out of my way to find flower at a later date. must try experience

One bowl will knock you out. It’s an even body high and head high right in your occipital to your crown, which makes me think this activates my hippocampus, which is what a benzodiazepine does, I have ptsd, have had a lot of concussions, depression and anxiety and had a dependency to klonopin( I was on it for a year and a half at a high dose, you are only suppose to be on it for 2 weeks tops) needless to say I had horrible w...
Very good

Leafly descriptions are right on point
Very good

For someone like me who has chronic pain, this is an amazing strain to give me a great night sleep without the constant tossing a turning. This in an Indica dominant strain, cross with one of my go to strains Fire OG. This made me feel all around relaxed, and did not trigger my anxiety whatsoever.

No flavor via vaping. Below average high. slightly relaxing.
Very good

This one took me by surprise. I use a Boundless CF vaporizer, and my usual routine is to pack the bowl, do a 5-minute session on low, chill for half an hour, do another session on medium, chill again, and repeat usually up to a total of 4 times. I find this gets my AVB dark but not blackened and I get the full benefits. I did a session with Night Nurse specifically for pain and insomnia. And it was great! I was so relaxed ...
Very good

I got a few ounces of Night Nurse out of Colorado Springs. The buds were medium size, gorgeous really, pretty trichomed up. The terp profile was very unique, smooth but honestly very hard to describe. As described this strain really did lay me down. Full body muscle relaxation. No idea what it tested at but I'd guess mid 20's. 9/10