Nice Cherry

Nice Cherry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

the best indica strain I've tried so far. extremely good for stress and anxiety. no couch lock!

Good pain reliever. Won't lock you to the couch, but slightly drowsy effects, very light for Indica I think. This gave me a medium level headache.

If I could give this a 6 out of 5 stars, I would - I do lots of reviews, and seldom am I just "Wow, I want to keep taking this medicine" This is sweet, a very full bouquet, not just a sweetness to pot - but truly like berries in a bowl. The taste of the Rosin is a sweet cherry juice - and the high, oh that sweet mellow "Catch me if I fall" kind of mellow that would be great for writing poetry or music to.
Very good

very stoney! For me it has a very citrus smell with a hint of cherry. One hit, I was melted to the couch! overall a good relaxing high, but non motivated.

just checked this out and even though I'm not a huge fan of indica's, this surprised me!
Very good

Great uplifting outdoor strain from southern Oregon. Purchased as part of "Green Friday" promo. Great for after work relaxation, positive mindset.
Very good

It took a bit longer for this to effect me, but makes me very uplifted but forgetful.
Very good

I agree this strain will totally mellow you out perfect for a long stressful day , hard day of work, or just chillaxin ..
Very good

This will level you out. Nice relaxation medicine....makes the stress melt away. Also made me hungry so good for those with loss of appetite.