Mossad Cannabis Strain

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What is Mossad

Mossad, bred in the San Fernando Valley from the Terraform Genetics has a moderate !7 to 19% THC level. The buds are covered in resin and hairs with aromas of  beautiful rose and sage. Depending on the phenotype as to which characteristics  will be expressed in this strain, cerebral or aromatic.  An uplifting feeling which mellows into a relaxing sedative mood, perfect for promoting sleep that sometime does not happens with insomnia issues, is  available. Crossing Kosher Kush and Conspiracy Kush delivered the indica-dominant strain, Mossad. 

Mossad Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Focused (100%)
Euphoric (100%)
Lemon (100%)
Sweet (100%)
Earthy (100%)
Headache (100%)
Anxious (100%)
Paranoid (100%)

Mossad Flavors

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