Moonbeam Cannabis Strain

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Not a fan. My focus was through the roof, but the stress relief was similar to an actual antidepressant. Not down for just feeling Numb and angry at the same time. My libido is nonexistent. Hubby had similar complaints. We're going to pass on this one next time.

The best quality stuff ever perfect strains both indica and sativia kik i.d maxiie45

One of the best tasting buds I have had. Nice deep earthy almost chocolate taste. You get lost in your own thoughts with this bud but be warned it will burn you out HARD. This review was based off 17% THC Bud , just picked up 27% THC Moonbeam today.
Very good

The perfect earthy to sweet ratio. Beautiful zen like high. Definitely will buy again
Very good

This is a great after work strain for me, after 12 hours on my feet moonbeam takes a lot of my pain away and then I go to sleep happy. I got 3.5 from the Tweed store here in Nl and it actually over weighed by a bit. Very happy paying $45.
Very good

Super flavourful great high, just a little harsh on the throat.

One of the best to vape.
Very good

a very relaxing and happy high.

Nice flavour and smell. Made me just wanna curl up and catch a nap. Definitely don’t make plans to do anything.
Very good

Such a pleasant, clean taste of earth, flowers, and fruit. The initial feeling of clear headedness and pleasant emotions took immediate effect. Even the bad things in life seem like "happy mistakes" right now. Just somewhat pleasant and mellow... if Bob Ross were to invent a weed strain, this would be it.