Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain

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Great indica. Potent smells. Great for relaxing and watching movies on the couch. Almost looks and smells like an OG. Not sure if there was any cross breading or origins of an OG
Very good

Don't forget to put down the vessel. You will happily fall out. Thank you, God! :)
Very good

this strain is amazing. it's a heavy hitter right off. I am not a frequent smoker so one hit does me in for about an hour. I suffer from anxiety and this really helps. some indica strains keep me in my head too much where I over think and have a panic attack.. this one does not. I was level headed and was able to clean my whole kitchen. The only reason I give 4 stars is if I smoke too much of this it get a me couch locked wh...
Very good

I love monster cookies. Best Indica strain I’ve tried in a while! It relaxed and calmed me very much. No jittery feelings, just euphoria. Didn’t make me cough, was very smooth.
Very good

I bought a zip of this one time by far the best strain of weed I’ve ever had I highly recommend it
Very good

I just got this. I haven’t even smoked it yet. Lmao I opened it and the smell got me high. But I also hit a dab at the pharm. I also have been hitting my gelato dab pen. Anyway. California hands down has and always will have the best kush😩
Very good

its such a relaxing and easy to smoke strain i loved it. very earthy !
Very good

It smells delightful like blueberries and an earthy pine smell which is a delightful to the nostrils. It tastes like a fruit sensation in ones mouth to leave you very baked. When i mean very baked i mean very very very baked. Its definitely would be one of my favourites of all time to smoke. It relaxes the pain ones body i don't know what everyone is talking about by getting the munchies i definitely feel like its putting m...
Very good

yup my strain get qps every week
Very good

Really enjoyed the overall relaxing feeling from this strain. I vaped this from Select Oil and they did a great job or I think so. I have a pretty high tolerance and use for panic attacks and it’s like taking Xanax and that’s the only way to describe the head high from Cookie Monster. I just feel relaxed and your head feels a slight pressure but in a good way. Like many of the reviews I’ve read the flavor profile is smoo...