Monolith Cannabis Strain

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What is Monolith

Monolith with roots from 1980 in Afghanistan is an indica-dominant strain with strong pungent odours. The buds smell like the pungent earth. Covered in heavy resins and trichomes Monolith can become couch locking if the dose is not monitered. Monolith is a strain that is best used in the evening whether for recreational or medicinal use. Moods are improved, mind and body are in a perfect relaxed state and any muscle spasms are quickly addressed.

Monolith Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Tingly (100%)
Euphoric (100%)
Focused (100%)
Uplifted (50%)
Pungent (100%)
Pine (100%)
Earthy (100%)
No data

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