Monkey Bread #1

Monkey Bread #1 Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I work as head of PR and Marketing for The Shop (NCR) Bay City Michigan where we have the best dispensary in the Tri City area and let me tell you Corleone Kush has been one of my all time favorite strains once I went into work and peeped a big ole jar full of this goodness! It smokes like a freight train! So, if you happen to be a first time smoker you may wanna start slow 💨😂! I suffer from PTSD as well as insomnia so for...

I purchased some of this strain from a dispensary in Florence, OR called The Arboretum. I was drawn to this particular strain because 1) it’s new 2) it had big, beautiful buds in varying shades of green and 3) it’s parents are Grease Monkey and forum cut GSC, a mix I just couldn’t pass up. I enjoyed smoking this flower. It got me pretty stoney from only one bowl out of a bong (which is difficult given my high tolerance from ...