Moloka’i Frost

Moloka’i Frost Cannabis Strain


What is Moloka’i Frost

Moloka’i Frost  aka Moloka' Hashplant has a decent medicinal past dating back to 1969. Moloka'l Frost was first found  in the valleys of Kalawao in 1969. The strains indica qualities displayed from the unknown genetics grow like a sativa plant even with the heavy indica  effects are extremely rare outside of Hawaii. This heavy hitter is best used by experienced tokers for an enjoyable evening experience. The delicious resinous buds are a rare Hawaiian landrace that you should seek out for help with relieving pain, muscle tension and depression.

Moloka’i Frost Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Uplifted (86%)
Euphoric (86%)
Creative (71%)
Happy (71%)
Tropical (100%)
Earthy (80%)
Pungent (80%)
Skunk (60%)
Flowery (20%)
Dry Eyes (100%)
Dizzy (100%)

Moloka’i Frost Flavors

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