Mochi Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I give this strain a 5 because of how unique the high was for me. I usually go for something with more of a body load. However, upon smoking this with my mom, the absence of a heavy body load didn’t matter to us. We were very talkative and sharp. The flowers looked black. Reminded me of an old old rumor I remember from my childhood about a black strain that was suppose to be amazing. So on that we bought some. And loved it. ...

One of the Best highs I’ve ever experienced 🤯 this strain is a creeeper for real 😳
Very good

I thought nothing could top Sunset Sherbet but when you mix that with Cookies you get this masterpiece. A real treat😍😤
Very good

compact little buds perfect smoke really smooth can't fault it
Very good

Beautiful buds that are dense, dark and frosty with unique smell to it. Not the loudest strain out there but the sweet overtones are definitely something to admire. Definitely leaning to the indica side, my eyes are drooping writing this review!
Very good

be prepared for paranoia on the comeup. I convinced myself that Im the worst excuse of a human ever. then I watched a movie and got some killer muchies. if you dont feed your muchies you will get a bad headache imo. good strain after paranoia wears off. would not buy for 25/g again though
Very good

All I can say is that I hope you try this strain out for yourself, you really won’t regret it. If you like Cookie strains, you’ll love this. If you’re like me and just don’t care for Cookie strains for some reason, you’ll enjoy this one a lot (and Thin Mint Cookies, which this partly comes from). One dab has set me to a solid 9. I’m in jeopardy now since my eyes have a HEAVY glazed look and my parents are home (old enough to...

Sweet taste, sweet feeling. Tastes like Vanilla. Great clear headed energy and relaxing body high. Can’t go wrong with this strain.

Amazing taste and smell like sweet vanilla and mint. Creative Euphoria along with a relaxed body high. Great for when you’re not feeling your best!
Very good

Love the smell and has lots of purple! Amazing ! Great for Art majors lol