Milky Way

Milky Way Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This bud is the bomb. It has an intense earthy/tropical taste, I’m honestly salivating at the smell of these lovely nugs. They have an unusual light brown/grey completion, and are absolutely covered in trichomes. Very euphoric, but I feel like I’m going to sleep like a rock tonight. Oath
Very good

Really nice spicy flavor. The high is great 4 stars out of 5 great for a relaxing night after work or just a chill strain for Netflix or video games. Really nice big tight buds. It’s a very well rounded flower.

Generic high, nothing special. Made my eyeballs hurt like they were swollen. Munchies. Probably won't buy again.
Very good

Great Strain. It's Menthol taste was great and had a sweet milk taste to it as well very calm feeling and energetic as well. The high is more of a calm mellow earthy and sweet taste good for relaxing and kicking back leaves you guess on what taste you will get next. Milky Way is by far the best strain for relaxing muscle pain sleepless nights and anxiety and also a earthy kinda of Pluto og taste. Well enjoy Hippies and ston...
Very good

knocked me down, picked me up, dragged me to the fridge and raped my mouth with food. Then this crippler dragged me off to bed and had its way with me. Definitely a "dominant" devil of a strain. I love it!
Very good

Milky Way. This shit hit me real hard, in a good way. A real body and head trip. It is super enjoyable, one big downside though(depending on where you live) you are very obviously high. 9/10
Very good

Defiantly a creeper upper. Very smooth going down. Makes my eyes very dry. Time takes forever to pass. Body if def relaxed, and the smell is great. Super baked while writing this. 8/10
Very good

amazing head high
Very good

FIRE!!! Will get more as soon as I can...Does exactly what a Indica is suppose to make you do, RELAX! Great Price Too
Very good

A creeper