Merlot OG

Merlot OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

One of my favorites but I do admit even though I've been smoking for many years but I'm new to smoking bud with names lol but so far Merlot OG, sour diesel, and blue dream are my favorites from what I've tried so far!
Very good

A very calm, relaxing strain. Helped quite a bit with relieving my chronic back pain. Really loosens the body up. Oddly enough, I could really smell the scent of butter through anything else. Would definitely recommend to anyone with chronic pain, or anyone who just needs to unwind at the end of a stressful day.
Very good

I picked up the Merlot OG up in Washington state at a medical dispensary, before the state eliminated independent dispensaries. Besides it being delicious from my old school box-type vaporizer... what I remember most is, for lack of a better phrase, it made me horny. Oh, btw... I was thrilled to find a seed in my medicine. Just recently confirmed, it's a GIRL! She is nearing 3 feet tall at this point and will be growing ou...
Very good

Felt like I just had a glass of red wine. Taste was dry and earthy; body/mind felt very mellow, relaxed and happy. Lamenting that this isn't in WA yet!

had me feeling mellow and euphoric, and happy, touch felt really good. some tingling sensation and good for muscle aches other back pain. defintely a keeper. tastes really good, not too harsh.
Very good


seriously impressed with the effects on this one! I would highly recommend pacing yourself though. This one made me stumble a bit at the end of the night. Very effective at pain relief, calming anxiety and combating those sleepless nights..

Very tasty, subtle, with a long finish. Merlot OG is fairly light, with a pleasant and straightforward high. It really does taste quite a bit like merlot dry. It's worth trying!
Very good

This strain is just killer, tastes like a heavy and earthy bittersweet red wine and pairs well with movies and snoozing. Sweet dreams abound tonight with merlot, a heavy indica which, to those who like to overindulge, will be left feeling a little bit wine drunk along with your sleepy stoned... No hangover though. Thirty nine stars, USA.