Mercury OG

Mercury OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

**I vaped this** Rating it a 4 because it wasn't as groundbreaking as I thought it would be. It's a really nice OG though and I'm glad I got it! This strain is the definition of "chill af" I felt an immediate wave of relaxation/pain relief when I first vaped this, followed by a calming pulse felt from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. And now the high is just a peaceful experience that will definitely lead to some ...
Very good

love this strain. First try very good stuff. Strong relaxing all body high that's clear and not overbearing. The batch I got though sadly wasn't flushed properly.

I get migraines and end up weak and fatigued after days of them. This strain tastes and smell good. It "numbs" the area of where the eye pain is, quickly. Now waiting to see when/if it will calm the rest of my head. I'm feeling relaxed instead of anxious. My heart will pound a little while after my first hit, then calms down to normal. I'm a singer and have been having trouble with my voice being at its best w/all the migrai...
Very good

taste like fruit loops
Very good

This shirt got my on my ass!! Great for Chillin wit your friends watching movie, or listening to music 🔥🔥

Damn, just damn. Great head high for me at 17%. Earthy butter taste but really worth it, have some sunny d after and yum.

Good...didn't blow me away. Was good watching tv, nice body high though. Nice head relaxation, but I kept waiting for it to hit me. Just made me fall asleep later, which is great because only about 2 other strains do that for me.
Very good

One of mine favorites. Good to relieve stress!
Very good

great head and body high

Mediocre,takes a while to take effect. Good if you want to go to sleep or feel like eating.