Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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I'm a sativa fan but have been experimenting with Indica-dominant strains as I have to manage my symptoms around-the-clock. I'm very impressed with Mendo Breathe. It is super smooth, stinks beautifully, and delivers relief almost immediately. It is not overpowering and seriously lasts for HOURS. What is impressive is that it was CONSISTENT 4 hours. Yes, it definitely is Indica, but the effects felt almost structured making i...
Very good

I have a rare nerve disease of the face called trigeminal neuralgia and anyone that has it knows you live in fear of the pain this strain calms it down without a problem
Very good

Korova knocks this rare Indica strain with 20% THC out of the park. The sweet & earthy buds gave a great body high with happiness, relaxation, & sleepiness. Buds were minty green with a thick coating of small white trichomes & had orange pistils. Second time i have bought an eighth of this strain because it is good for night time sedation!
Very good

One of my best highs. Super dense buds, tinted with specks of purple and orange instantly transport your body to a different dimension. Def recommend to chill out after a long ass day or if you’re looking to get some deep sleep. 10/10 from me
Very good

One of my favorites. Can’t go wrong with this one
Very good

Smelllllllllls GREAT... Very good strain, nice taste in bowl and vape. Full body high but still able to work during the day fine.
Very good

This Strain I received from a lovely dispensary in Vallejo vallejo holistic health center to be specific Anyway THC content was 20.1% I’m not usually a fan of Indica’s but this one is special. Onset is very fast, a few minutes and it hits the body and has an incredibly relaxing and euphoric feeling. All smiles as times just slips away, I’m a heavy smoker haven’t gone more than one day and that was a hard day lol and I w...
Very good

This bud looks,smells,and tastes amazing.Covered in frosty crystals,darker green with short orange hairs.Smells like vanilla and caramel in the jar.Tastes earthy and sweet with a little vanilla.Very good for pain and outright just putting you to sleep.Good nighttime bud.
Very good

Heavy hitter