Mazar Kush

Mazar Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This was my first strain coming back from a paranoia break and it is perfect for anyone prone to weed paranoia. It is very calm and mellow and very relaxing, no anxiety either. Also great for pain and sleep, great Indica
Very good

It's okay for evening talks, nothing much to say. I find it pretty mellow and "soft". Not a fan of this strain, but if you wanna try it, you definitely won't be disappointed.
Very good

Good night time strain. Heavy body effects. Will couch lock you for sure.
Very good

I had this a few times in Colorado. It is definitely a inside bud. It is awesome for insomnia and sleep disorders. I slept like a baby. I had a half gram to myself and had little to no anxiety.
Very good

great taste nice vibes👑😎
Very good

Excellent for me. Relaxed took away pain and tension and even my blood pressure went down. A night strain for sure. One I keep all the time if possible it’s that good for my medical conditions.
Very good

Nice, 420 1135am finally got out metro meds dispensary it was packed. Popped open the container and golly,the smell of the forest whipped my nose eyes ears and everything else connected to it. Red hairs just popping everywhere. No seeds no sticks kinda sticky take heed your entire body will feel like melted butter for real...cheers🍻
Very good

Earthy flavor. Made me very comfortable and sleepy. Perfect for pain relief or right before bed time.
Very good

Grow this in soil. Loves to be main lined. Suggest flowering a month plus after veg. Stout yet can support multiple colas. Vigorous growth! Large yields!
Very good

I loved reading on the history of this strain. And finding out that it is one of the strains that Spiritual Punk is derived from got me very interested in it. When it comes to relaxation, Mazar does not disappoint. It is smooth, slightly creeper and will relax you body beyond belief. Not an easy strain to find many times, but when you do, buy as much as you can. You will not regret it. Dense nugs, a wonderful aroma and burns...