Mazar I Sharif

Mazar I Sharif Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Best Indica I have ever smoked. Super euphoria rising in my midbrain as body tension is feeling itself melt away from the high CBD's. Very best yet.
Very good

pretty decent high, eye are sooo dry and mouth is like a dessert or is it desert?
Very good

Really nice buds and taste
Very good

WOW WHERE DO I START!! AM I YELLING?? Man this is so good for pain amd the narcotic feeling! I feel like the kod thats out of surgury all high and crap lol!! I habe this from my dispensary in oil form
Very good

Now available at Philadelphia dispensaries is Mazar. Patients say Mazar tastes and smells like earth, flowers and lavender. Patients also say it works wonders for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and fibromyalgia.
Very good

relax and comfortable with great taste a must have in the cabinet
Very good

Used tiny little bit of the Standard Farms CO2 HTFSE - 74% potency 1000mg total - first you feel like a warm egg 🍳 was cracked on your head and is slowly flowing down your whole body. My headache instantly is gone as my head fills slowly with what feels like helium blowing up my now balloon 🎈 Head 😮 I feel relaxed, calm, ready to chill and all pain pretty much gone as well. In higher doses this is a great sleep medicine i...
Very good

My hubby and grew a couple of these little beauties. All I can say is.......WOW! Very sedating, very relaxing, and a powerhouse punch. I saw auras around my dogs head, while everything was fairly amusing to me I was so relaxed I didn't feel the need to laugh. We've grown and smoked a few different varieties this has quickly become a new favorite and will definitely find a home in our garden again. Anyone looking for a nirvan...
Very good

As a "later in life" stoner (I got interested in weed at 34) This was my first favorite strain. Very calming but uplifting, this was my favorite thing to smoke after a shitty day at work. Also loved it for the weekends, when I just wanted something that I could just puff here and there - all day long. I think this would be a great starting point for those afraid of a "paranoia" effect, or those who just want a night of s...
Very good

Exactly what an indica (and kush) should be! Uplifting, long-lasting and nursing.