Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Excellent for pain and stress relief. Also good for restful sleep.
Very good

"clouds.... like happy clouds not angry clouds" -A strong relaxing chatty "feels soft"
Very good

Got this strain to help me sleep a lil better and it’s done it’s job. Some of the best sleep I’ve had in a while. Much needed after a crazy work week. With its sweet berry taste this strain is a must try. I got it from one of the top indicas for sure.
Very good

One of the best I’ve smoked. Fruity taste and a really smooth smoke. Thc % was like 21-25%. Left me couch locked for like 3 hrs, and the high hits you instantly. Definitely recommend it to those with bad anxiety or sleeping problems. It’s definitely meant for night time use.

I'm a new smoker as im from the UK. Living here in Canada and not smoking is like going to Italy and never tasting Lasagne or pizza. I don't get high everyday...until now. This strain suits me so well. I'm working more efficiently as it's silencing all my negativity and self doubt; I'm currently flying through my workload as a result. I generally feel happier,it's not a strong head high no matter how often I smoke it dur...
Very good

One of my absolute favorites. I suffer from bad depression and anxiety after a head injury and this strain relaxes me which is the indica effect and at the same time is an instant antidepressant for me. I can feel down and smoke Mataro Blue and feel happy again in an instant. Also is light and easy to vape on my Vilcano. I make a beeline for this brand when I see it! A good daytime happy pill !!!

This strain made me quite unfocused, and very tired, tasted great but this one doesn't agree with me.
Very good

me and some of my friends were feeling blah bc we were out of weed the last few days, I brought over some of this stuff and instantly everyone who was smoking was so smiley and happy and relaxed. it was a great strain, long-lasting high that goes up and down.

Tbh this is probably more of a 4star strain, but I have to give it a 3 simply because it is hugly overrated. Often labeled backwards as “Blue Mataro” in dispensaries, this strain is often hyped for being super rare (yet I’ve been seeing it everywhere for years) and really potent. Although the flower looks textbook, there’s nothing special about it or the high.

It is not a strong indica , but still good. I felt very relaxed.