Master OG

Master OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Found a new favorite. Got me flying high with a very little amount. And I was relaxed for hours after
Very good

I've been dab'n this strain with LA OG before bed with good results. I personally prefer the taste of the LA OG shatter (due to it tasting like candy) over the shatter from this strain, but the effects of relaxation I find more effective in this strain. . . Hence the combination dab'n from me . . . Also this strain I find to be more of a smack in the face with it's high. . . Quick and leaves you with that good ass feeling of...
Very good

this strain is amazing. i have severe chronic pain and this is the best pain/sleep strain ever. I only need a few hits from a joint or one hit from my pen and i’m automatically relaxed and tired. highly highly recommend to insomnia, migraine, pain sufferers!!
Very good

My boy just came back from his friends place to grab the gas. Mans were dankrupt yesterday so I'm bare excited to be able to ball up. We smoked out a bong and shit hit me soooooo fast. As I was exhaling I was high. I'm so chopped holy. The comedown is pretty chill, haven't really noticed it. Very nice high, pretty good to fall asleep to or just watch a movie.

Smells like citrus and lemon. Suuuper fresh. My room smelled like weed for three days because of this little gram. This is a do-nothing strain. It's taking me a very long time to write this review because I keep getting distracted and falling into google search holes. I feel great though. I want to say it takes about half an hour to settle into a genuine body high. A little rough on the throat. Paranoia level: 1/10.
Very good

Holy fucking shit this is a powerful strain. I vaped some about four hours ago and I’m still knocked on my ass. 10/10 would vape again. I’m in absolutely no pain and don’t really give a shit about anything.
Very good

Master OG is the girl next door who's secretly a dominatrix. Physically unremarkable, don't be fooled by this plain Jane. She packs a punch and a little goes a long way.
Very good

Body High and great for relaxing.
Very good

good for for a day where u just want to sleep
Very good

This thing kicks in fast but the high was not as intense as I hoped. I guess this is more of a body high, felt relaxed. Overall, it was still good.