Master Kush

Master Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Not for newbie to grow but when you get the point, Master kush takes you to outer space
Very good

Even Though Marijuana isn't legal or passed for medical marijuana in my state I have came across this strain and it really does help with my manic depression. #WakeUpIndiana #USAPleaseLegalizeThePlantGivenToUsFromGod. #MiraclePlantAlmostTheCureForAlotOfMentalAndNonMentalIllnesses
Very good

helps wonderfully to treat my chronic migraines.
Very good

I'm a pretty heavy cannabis user and I've been using daily for 9 years. I struggle with chronic pain as well as depression. I've been looking for the right indica to help and I'm currently very happy with #masterkush. It's an amazing strain in that I got to a point where I could feel somewhat normal and do normal things around the house. It's probably a strong strain since I'm feeling such a wonderful high from two large blu...
Very good

super yummy indica ,amazing for sleep & a very smooth smoke! love this strain
Very good

A very good mellow Indica. Nice body high which leaves your head clear on top of it. The problem is great Indicas like Blueberry set the standard and MK just isn’t quite as special. Good but not great.
Very good

Earthy, dank and all that good shit that comes with a top shelf kush strain - awesome pain relief and relaxation for hrs. Keep an 1/8th on you at all times for that go to place you need to be right now kid.
Very good

Euphoric, tingly, content. Makes you super sleepy but if you fight off the drowsiness and tiredness you’ll start to hallucinate fr. It’s best to use this before going to bed. Tastes almost like grape,, not too harsh with a bong. Just feels like your floating and a bit of paranoia.. which might scare beginners. One of my new favourite indica strain. Would definitely recommend!
Very good

THE GRAPE!! wow! This kush really hit us with a flowery grapy flavour, also hit us with the munchies. Completely relaxes your mind and body, 100% would recommend for anxiety. Master Kush will definitely be one to remember, especially with this bomb sleep I’m about to have.
Very good

As a new MMJ patient for chronic pain my first purchase was Master Kush from Curaleaf Ft Myers. Wincing from pain level 8 I drew a moderate vape and on the exhale my pain subsided! I was holding a vape pen with miracle medicine inside! Outstanding results! Fast forward to the third empty cartridge (300mg @ 60%) and the dispensary ran out of stock and never got it back in (3 months now). Thank you Mr. Cannabis for growing S...